Our Systems

Do you know what is one of the key parts of running a successful restaurant business? Investing in its systems, processes, and technology.

So why is Investing in Systems, Processes, and Technology so Important?

Like most parts of the business, investment is also geared towards making sure that the customers are satisfied. It might be a longer road, but investment plays an irreplaceable role in customer satisfaction.

How are the two linked?

We believe that if we’ve got efficient systems, lean processes, and a forward looking mindset, then, not only can we communicate with our customers in a way that serves them best, but we can provide better services and deliver the highest quality of products to them. In addition to all that, it also helps us improve productivity and profitability in the long run.
Which is the basic goal of every restaurant business!

Quick Insights About JJ’s Systems and Processes

We’re huge on continuous and consistent improvement. From day 1, we’ve invested a lot of energy, dedication, passion, and time in making our systems and processes better, while incorporating the latest technologies as they’ve come along.
Here is a Quick View of Our Systems and Processes:

  • Our Systems
    JJ Cloud-Based ERP System

We have an efficient cloud-based ERP system (Resourced) that gives us a holistic data view of everything including the day-to-day sales, restaurant COGs and variances, restaurant consumptions, product volumes, details of our delivery operations, and vicinity.
This system also helps us make daily POs (Purchase Orders), PIs
(Purchase Invoices) and PRs (Purchase Returns).
This ERP system has proven to be well structured seeing as it has made our restaurant operations lean, efficient, and fast.

  • JJ Handheld POS System

Then we have our own own handheld POS system which makes the order taking process accurate and effective for our order takers. It reduces order-taking time and ensures a smooth starting point for each customer’s journey with us.

JJ Digital Kitchen Display Screens

The POS system is directly linked to the display screens in our kitchen so your order can reach our crew in there as soon as you place it!
It makes the whole process stress free for our assemblers, packers and dispatchers.

JJ Orders Prediction Model

We make sure that each part of the process incorporates the latest technology, which is why our Orders Prediction Model is quite interesting.
This system works on the naive forecasting model and gives predictions by studying the previous Guest Count trends.

JJ HRM (Human Resource Management System)

Our HRM system stores employee’s information, automates their onboarding and regulates HR compliance and more in an efficient and up-to-date manner.

The Data Side of JJ

It’s no secret that data is the key player in making the right decisions. We wouldn’t know where to begin without it!
That’s why we have different dashboards and reporting structures through which we analyze our products trends, NPS, eNPS, our P&L, Sales, and more.

  • Our Processes
    Quality Assurance Process

At the core of everything we do is a desire to deliver the best and sauciest products to our customers and we go to great lengths to make sure that happens. We get respected Quality Auditors to participate in our internal and external quality audit process where they check kitchen SOPs compliance, hygiene practices, cleaning practices, storage practices, inventory practices, demand receiving protocols, and more.

Training Process for Kitchen Team

We have a proper team dedicated to training new members to fit seamlessly into our kitchen crew.
They get to learn everything about the kitchen, theoretically and practically, before they begin working with us.

After Sales Services Process

Next, we have a team dedicated to understanding the VOC (Voice of Customer). They make sure to collect customer feedback, and keep an eye on problems that show up on-ground.

Inventory Management System

Our ERP system acts as a bridge between our operations and supply chain which both teams use to communicate the demand and supply, ensuring zero downtime on all branches in the process. The supply chain team gets POs from all of our branches and then they deliver demands via proper routes planning company-wide.

Performance Management System

Our branch management (All Tiers-Branch Leaders | Assistant Branch Leaders | Branch Captains | Team Captains) present their monthly performance against their defined KPIs through our streamlined performance management system, and they receive constructive feedback about their performance in return.

Employees Complaints Resolution System

Our first and foremost priority is our employees and their wellbeing. We empower each and every one of them to share whatever problems they face, so that we may be able to resolve them and make their working experience better. Our communication channel named, “Speak to Us” gives our employees the space to share their issues with corporate management.

  • The Future of Johnny and Jugnu

Greatness isn’t achieved over night. We’ve come a long way from where we were a few years ago and it’s all because of one thing – consistency. We’ll stay dedicated to working with the same consistency and passion in the coming years so we can spread the love for sauce farther and wider.