Our Secret Success Recipe

It All Started with the Sauce

Johnny and Jugnu’s journey began with the most essential building block on our menu; the sauce. But this sauce was like no other. It went beyond the crispy patty of your wehshi zinger; this sauce was the motivation that pushed us, as an organization, to do better so we could be the very best. Now we weren’t always the coolest kids on the block. We’ve come so far most of you don’t even know where we started, so let us tell you.

Our Humble Beginning

JJ was born in a sweet little town far, far away from where it is today – Krishan Nagar. A small group of likeminded individuals with a lot of sauce came together and joined their forces to create the best, sauciest experience you could’ve dreamed of. They weren’t just looking to sell burgers, no sir! They wanted to share the sauce with everyone, from employees to our on-ground heroes, our vendors, and of course, our customers.
These people gave up days and nights to ensure that what we started in that little shop in Krishan Nagar went far beyond it. It’s because of them that we’re able to keep spreading the sauce, far and wide!
“And, that is Our Secret Success Recipe. Our People!”

Our Catalyst for Success

We put our trust and effort into the people from the very first day because we knew that they were the most important part. Each and every person here needed to have the sauce, in order to make our dreams a reality. And well, we don’t really need to tell you how that worked out, you’re here because you already know!
“We believe in empowering our wehshi heroes to be the
best version of themselves”

Our Wehshi Heroes are Our Consumers

That’s how we’re able to be better at serving you every passing day! Our vision is to work for our on-ground teams, since we consider our Wehshi Heroes to be our consumers! We believe that the more we work to keep them happy and satisfied, the more they’ll work for your satisfaction and happiness! That’s how we’ve been able to grow from an idea to the best part of your day. Now you’re probably wondering how we do that; how do we keep our consumers so happy? Well, we’ve been giving it our all since day 1. There’s not a thing we miss when it comes to our wehshi heroes. We use our time, energy and finances to help them grow, to make systems and processes better for them, to bring out the leaders in them, and to give them their rights. But that’s not all. We don’t just give them their rights, we make sure they know what those rights are too!

JJ 3-P Formula

The world might know the 3-P model to be People, Product, and Process, but for us, the 3-P model translates to:
“People, People, and People”
Because, we know that it’s really the people who make the product and process better!