Our Learning and Development Programs

Do you know that how Johnny and Jugnu transformed itself from 0 to 1? How we became a key player in the market? How we exponentially boosted-up the journey from a single rented area (A SMOL Shop in Krishnanagar, Lahore) to multiple branches with hundreds of people who are leading by example?

We know that as a customer, these questions always roam in your mind whenever you visit us!

Here is the Answer to Your Questions!

From the very first day, we put our believe in the power of our WEHSHI team (Our On-Ground Heroes) and converge all of our energy, passion, dedication to develop them, to empower them, to lead them by examples, to inspire them to become WEHSHI Leaders, and to let them able to become the best version of themselves.

“This is How JJ Transformed Its Journey From 0 to 1, Yes, This is How We Got Exponential Growth”

We as a company, always had a focus on the learning and development of our people who are working for us in kitchens day in and day out and still we are on the same pace to work for their growth and development. We had a dream to make leaders by teaching them, by inspiring them, leading them, and by giving them the opportunity to go above and beyond. To get this dream fulfilled, we started many L&D programs from “Parha Likha JJ”, to “JJ School of Management”, to FLDP (Future Learning and Development Program).

And, Do You know That What’s Cooking Now?

Now, we are aiming to build our own “WEHSHI University”. Yes, a learning hub where our developed and unmatched leaders will teach the world about leadership and restaurant operations.

“This is Not Just a Dream for Us to Make Leaders, This is Actually, a Wave of Passion that Circulates in Our Veins”